Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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Heyy guys.. I've moved my blog to Wordpress now. =)

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Saturday, June 25, 2011


Okayy.. Today I shall blog about... Success! =)
Well, I went for the AIESEC induction earlier today. And there's a session where they asked us to think about our future and dreams. So I did.
And yeah, it made me realize how fortunate I am, not just the chance to go for higher education, but also the things I had, I get, having and getting. Which I really felt I'm so lucky and fortunate. I have a car at a very young age, I have my expenses covered up, petrol, almost everything.

My dad once said, the generation we have now is just so lucky, compared to those days during his time. He only had a bicycle as the mode of transport, whereas I already have a car right now. Having a car is so convinient. But the cost of having one, petrol, maintanence everything, which the sum is alot! Yeah, I know all these.

Hmm, I brought my car over here for my convinient sake, where actually I could just go on foot to move about in uni like others do. But my parents allowed and agreed to let me bring my car over here after my first week. Well, you can say I'm spoilt, I'll admit. I used to drive around to lectures at the beginning.

However, started from early this week, I realize that I don't have to get into the car every single day to go for classes. Most of my classes are at the new academic building which, I wouldn't say far from where I'm staying. And so, I've decided to start walking to class. Except on Monday and for sports because it's really really far from my place. That I have no choice but to drive.
Now each time I turn on the car engine, ignite it, I can feel the amount of fuel burnt. Fuel = $$$. And those $ are coming from my parents pocket. They worked for it, but I'm just using it just like that. That's why I've decided to cut down my cost of living here.

Next thing is, although I still get my pocket money from my parents, I'm still keeping record of my expenses over here. It may not actually be necessary, but I just don't want to spend too much over here. I'll try to cut as much as I can. Studying here as a private student, parents already paying a whole sum of money to support my education, I don't want them to spend another sum of money on my living expenses here. I'll do what it takes to cut down the cost.

My dad also once said about my sister that are just spoilt and me no difference either. He said that we don't know how hard life is. We do not know that earnings are really hard to earn. We just know how to spend, that's it. One example is, my sis works for interest more than money, although her pay is less but she doesn't complain. According to my dad, he said that's because she doesn't have to worry about her expenses. She doesn't need to earn so much thinking that she already has everything at home, dinner ready each time she step foot into home, having a car that my parents bought for her. That's what made her feel money isn't important for her.

As for me, he said that although I've worked for few months after STPM before starting my uni. But, those earnings are for my own expenses. Transport to work was by car, and petrol was paid by parents. Hanging around by drving out around, I never think about the petrol or expenses that I'm using. All I think is just to spend and have fun without thinking bout expenses. Petrol empty, go pump using credit card. Money isn't important as I already have everything. Things like that.

Honestly, heard him saying that does made an impact. I admit I don't think about all this before. I do admit that I'm spoilt in a way. But I've told myself, never misused all this. They gave me all these are for my convinience. Because they love me and want me to have an easy life. I know my dad did not have a life that we have now during his time. But he changed, and gave us an easy life.

We may not be rich, just an average. My dad has been working really hard, running his own business. The path that he took before til today, it's not an easy job. Never is. That, I really salute him. He build this company up with his own blood, he runs almost everything his own, his paper work etc. Just recently he manage to get an office and a clerk to do his paper work, which reduced his workload, but yet, he's still working so hard.

Hahah, sorry for that such long story. Here's come the important part. =).

After thinking bout all these, I've told myself. I must succeed, be a successful person. I don't want to disappoint my parents, for everything they'd done for me. Supporting me in my education, giving me everything I need just for my convenient sake. I will not let my parents down. I'll prove them, that everything they'd done for me, is worth doing so.. I really appreciate everything they'd done for me, and now as their son which is still going through education life, my role is to succeed in my education, excel in it and get a good career. I may not be the best like my sisters, but they do not compare. They know where I stand, they don't push too much on me, but I know, in their heart, they really want to see their boy as a successful person.
4 years down the road, I'll be graduating like both my sis already did.

I'll achieve my goal.. Reaching for it..

As a student and most importantly a son, I'll do my part.
Thank you daddy and mommy for everything, your support. I really do appreciate it.

Love you..

That's the graduation photo of my sisters. 4 years later it'll be my turn. I would want them to see their smile on their face, and in their mind, "I'm really proud of him..."

=). Signing off!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

About my uni..

Haha, okayy. I'm kinda into blogging right now. So yea, let's just start off with some tour around my campus. =)

This is the biggest place in the uni. It's called the Chancellor Complex. A really big building. Which consists of the chancellor hall which capacity of 2500 (If I remember correctly) and the other side is the library.. Really big library and the design is really unique! Awesome.. =).

On the top is the library which I'm talking about. Really cold place. Nice to study and sleep on the sofa. Slept there several times. heehe.
Below is the same place, night view..

Moving on next...

These are the new academic buildings where all of the degree and post-grad's lectures, tutorials and lab are held.
It looks like a platform though. haha.

This building is called Pocket D. Downstairs there's cafe, and office. Upstairs are the lecture halls. Looks kinda like a stadium. One bad thing bout the place in the hall is that, there's bad phone coverage. Good for lecturers but not us. Cause we'll get so bored!! hahaha! **shshhh**

Ohh, not forgetting. You see there's a lot beside the stairs there, that's where I did my blood donation. haha. It's an empty space for events..

There goes my blood..... Ribena.. haha!

Next off.. My room! =)

See the difference there? Haha.
The first photo was my first room where I stayed there for a week! It's called Village 6 (V6)
Followed by where I'm currently staying in now. V4. So much better. =). Bottom is the view from my new place. But that's not from my block though. haha.
Sorry bout the mess. Just moved in and excited to get a photo of it. hahah!

There's a total of 6 "Villages" namely V1-6. V3-V5 are the new ones which is apartment type. V1,V2 & V6 are dorm. Basically my uni here previously was under USM and V1,V2 & V6 are built by them. When UTP took over the place, they built V3-V5 which is a whole new different concept, apartment. V5 is the newest but their floors and cement. That's why I choosed V4. =).
Actually I sorta like cut queue. Supposingly V6 are for the new intake mainly foundation students. After V6 they'll move to either V1 or V2 first before moving up to V3/4/5. But I requested and V4 right away after my first week and fortunately I got the room here! =D

p.s : Sorry bout the mess. Just moved in and excited to get a photo of it. hahah!

So yeah, basically that's all bout it. I didn't really get much photos around. Maybe will update it again. haha.


Matric card. =D

Signing off....
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Love for the heart..

Love someone by their heart.. Not by their background, looks, finance, etc.. When you meet someone, first to look at is their personality. People with good personalities deserved to be friends with. Fall for someone with their personality and a good heart. Don't look where they come from, their family background, finance etc...

One may have everything, cars, money, looks, but inside, they have a bad heart.. All they want to do is just show-off their fortunate.. Next thing you know, you'll be dumped..

One may not have everything but a good heart, a heart that can give you sincerity, care, love, honest, etc... That... is what most important..

If a person fall for you due to your background, sadly to say that, before you realize, the next thing you'll get dumped if they do not need you anymore.. Like for now they can be nice, because wanting all the help that you have.. You feel happy, fall for that person, love and love.. Everything went on stable.. But the next thing you know, once they do not need you, good bye... And you'll left behind, wondering what went wrong, why, etc...

Think twice.. Don't be silly..

Be patience. Don't rush to find your life partner.. Get the right chemistry between two-parties.. I believe there is someone out there that will suits you..

Cheers! All the best..

It's an experience...

Friday, June 17, 2011


Hmmm, read something that I don't like to see. But oh well, don't care much also. It's not my business. What for I wanna care about that.. Minding my own business..

Living happily as always.. =D.

If you notice, I removed some of the albums in FB but added new ones. Photos too..

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hmmm, just somehow and somewhat, I have no idea what is in my head right now. It feels like having some sort of a mixed feeling. I feel tired, and it's getting late now but yet I dont feel like sleeping. I doubt it's a good feeling. Sigh..

So, uni life has started. Been mixing with people ranging from Foundation to Under-Grad and also Post-Grad. I stand in between. Haha. Well, since I went through orientation week with the foundation students, I tend to be the "older" ones there, I mean among the group of friends I'm with. So yeah, advice here and there. hahaha. Heard some stories from them earlier today, all I can say is just, kids these days.. haha

Just a word of advice to you people out there, especially guys.. Don't rush to find a partner in your life. If that person tends to be yours, he/she will be yours eventually. Don't keep looking for one as faith will bring you both together. Be patience, as the sayings goes, love is patience.. Eventually you will have the feel for someone and hopefully it's right and it will stay there for long. Be serious when you're in one. Relationship isn't something that should be played or fooled around. An end of a relationship could really hurt alot! So, please be serious and choose wisely for your life partner. He/she should be the one suits you and let fate bring you both together, not you looking for one and create a relationship. It doesn't work that way.

If you do something towards that person, he/she may feel touched for only sometime, but the feel would not last long. So just let things run by it's own. Just follow the flow. I believe He would help us plan our future in all ways..

And also, those people with a good background, family background, finance and all.. Beware of it. Don't get tricked and fall for someone that only see you because of all these and not your own personality.. Cause that person may just see your background and wants to be part of it to enjoy. If that so, never fall for it. Or else, at the end of the day, you'll regret..

Open your eyes, think wisely and make the right decision. I'm sure you know what do I meant.

Conclusion : Don't rush, be patience, think twice and open your eyes. He/she is somewhere out there and yet to be found. When the time is right, it'll appear somehow.

I miss you... (but it's not worth..)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sometimes, physically I'm in that class, but I don't really think I belongs to that class.

I don't know why, I just can't blend inside.. Maybe it's me that made this thing happen. I tried but it just doesn't seem to workout.

No man is an island.. Yes, I agree with this.. But some times I just felt that I'm alone in class.. I felt that my frequency and them are different.. I only got a close friend in my class.. that's cuz I know him since loong time ago, Form 1.. Yet, some times I don't think we were close than before already..

I'll try.. Few more months to go. I dont wanna waste my F6 life like that.. I'll cherish and enjoy every moment of it..


that's all.

see yea.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010...

Haha. Super late for a New Year wish but yea, I'm still here to say this..

Happy New Year, 2010! Welcome welcome.!

Had a great start of the very very beginning of 2010.. (as well as the very last moment of 2009).

Sorry for the lack updates. Perhaps blogging isn't really my thing. =)

Christmas wasn't really good.
27th, 28th and 31st Dec 2009 was great!

I like the month of Dec 2009.
12/12/09 [ Nice date right? ]
I'm really really glad everything was on our side. Really thankful for that. (:

School starting soon.. Gotta get my engine warm up.. Be prepared!
I see work, stress coming towards me..!

Til then ppl.
See ya.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Gahh, I'm bored of staying home.. That's one thing that I don't like bout holidays...

Short holidays is good to have a break.. But not too long.. I prefer to go school and hang around rather than sitting home rotting.. However, going to school means gotta study which I don't quite want to do. So yeap..

Well, if there's plans for holidays, outing or trips with friends then it's okay. But so far got no plans yet.. sighh.. Been staying home for days and I can't really stand it anymore.. Trying to seek opportunity to go out.. hahaha.

It has been 2 looong days since Tuesday.. haih..

Gotta start studying... yea yea, I'm starting to be a nerd.. Start earlier before it's too late.. =)

My class had a trip to Genting but I didn't follow them, I'm not telling why here cause it's sensitive. I gotta start planning some activities for the Rovers...

I wanna go Sunway to ice-skate! Anyone?

Haven't been using my camera for awhile. The latest album I took was the trip to Davis' place.

Hmm, that's all for now..

Should or should not? Answer will appear eventually..


Sunday, November 22, 2009


Watched 2012 on last day of school for this year. It was good.. You guys should watch it. Though some parts are bit fake, but the graphics and effects are awesome.. It looked real instead of computer generated image..

Went to Malacca yesterday. Stayed over at cousin's place while having a movie marathon, well kinda like a marathon. Watched a movie called Saw.. there's many parts but I only watched a lil bit of Saw 1, whole of Saw 2 and 3.. and I came to know that there's up to Saw 7...

That movie is really bloody, full of blood and disgusting stuffs.. I can imagine the pain while watching it.. But yet it's quite interesting though.. hahaha. If you guys like Thirller movie and bloods, this movie suits you.. (:

Sry for the late updates.. I have no idea what to blog about.. Guess blogging isn't a thing for me..

see ya ppl. Happy holidays.. Don't think I'll enjoy this holiday...

somethings I think it's best not for me to know. I choose to ignore those that I don't want to know. Some things are better for me not to know than I find out myself.